• European Art Cinema Day 2017

    One day to celebrate European cinema and the work of art cinemas all over the world!

    Finally, European filmgoers and passionate arthouse cinema operators have their own day to celebrate: the EUROPEAN ART CINEMA DAY.
    Cinemas are an important part of the cultural landscape and enrich communities everywhere – in cities and in the countryside. They bring people together, regardless of age, origin, education or income.
    With over 100 million guests in Europe each year, arthouse cinemas play a crucial role in promoting cultural diversity and showcasing young talent.

    Arthouse cinemas exist all over Europe and flourish in areas with good infrastructure and strong supporting organisations. European Art Cinema Day aims to strengthen cinemas in regions that don’t have their own arthouse unions, develop support structures and increase the visibility of arthouse films in general.

  • 10 Awards of Polish Film Institute

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  • Arthouse Cinema Conference

    It has just started Arthouse Cinema Conference in Kielce. The more information available on

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Polish Digital Cinemas Network is a program dedicated to art-house cinemas to support digital roll-out. The program is realised by Polish Film Institute with the support of The National Film Archive. In this process of digitizing art-house cinemas are converted to modern cultural places with high quality and standards of screenings with capability to 3D screening and digital surround sound.

Networked digital cinemas offer wide spectrum of Polish, European and worldwide movies. The special goal of Polish Digital Cinema Network is to present and to promote Polish cinematography.